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When Shelby Collins left Sydney for LA eight years ago, she vowed never to return. But far from setting the world on fire, she’s nearly broke and has been left alone by her wealthy boyfriend at Christmas. Suddenly homesick, she finds herself drawn back to the childhood home she thought she’d left behind . . .

Her old family home now belongs to Dan Sayers, the boy from the wrong side of the tracks who found a new start in Kirribilli. When he spots Shelby dragging her suitcase up the front steps on Christmas Eve, it stirs emotions he’d thought long buried. It’s been four years since he last saw her. Then, she’d been aloof, a stranger in designer sunglasses and killer heels, barely acknowledging their shared past.

As Christmas unfolds, Shelby and Dan grow closer than ever before and Shelby begins to see her ramshackle home in a new light. But before she and Dan can have any hope of a future together, they must first confront their past.

When jaded city divorce lawyer Ethan Taylor arrives in rural Carters Crossing to take his widowed grandmother to a Valentine’s Day gala, he meets free-spirited Lexie Valentine. Whimsical, sweet and funny, she’s just the kind of impractical woman he doesn’t need in his life.

Lexie is hiding a pain that only her belief in the power of love can heal but to Ethan, love is the first misstep on the inevitable treadmill to his office and a date with the divorce courts.

But as the magic of Valentine’s Day starts to work its charms on Ethan, so does the intriguing Lexie. Can Ethan open his heart to love before it’s too late?

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